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Erotic massage is a wonderfully sensual experience that relieves tension and cleanses the body and spirit. Many of us experience periods of intellectual and emotional stagnation, often a result of holding on to negative thoughts and images in our mind. Erotic massage is a way to release this negativity, which then lets one tap into our innate stores of intelligence, creativity and vibrancy. Whilst erotic and sexual in nature, erotic massage is based on ancient tantra philosophy. This philosophy seeks to align the different aspects of human nature to achieve harmony. The belief is that true wellness can only be achieved by restoring the body's energy balance. This is the ultimate goal of erotic massage.

One can enjoy both receiving and giving an erotic massage, as both have benefits to mind, body and spirit. It can be practiced with a professional practitioner or with a partner. There are many how-to books and videos available to guide one on the various techniques and methods used. A reputable therapist can be found easily in Our Agency. No matter how one decides to experience an erotic massage, the experience is quite powerful both physically and spiritually.

Like most other types of massage therapy, there is no one set procedure or proscribed technique that must be employed. Rather the partners or client/practitioner work together to decide on how the session should take form. Trust is an important element of any session, so it is important that each of the participants are comfortable at all times and feel open to communicate their likes and dislikes. It is fun to experiment with different approaches, but one must also understand limits.

If looking to a professional for erotic massage, you can either have the session at a studio or a hotel. Whatever the venue, atmosphere is important and the set-up should seek to tap into all the senses. Lighting should be soft and indirect to create a relaxed and welcoming environment. Music or naturescape sounds help block out distractions from the outside world (be sure to turn-off cell phones!). The temperature of the space should be warmer than normal as clothing is kept to a minimum for both the recipient and therapist. Aromatherapy to stimulate the sense of smell is employed. Scents trigger many feelings and emotions, so it is important to choose something appropriate. Cinnamon and peppermint stimulate, while citrus and lavender are relaxants.

Most erotic massage will begin with a series of breathing exercises designed to both relax the recipient and stimulate blood flow. Typically both participants are nude as this heightens the erotic and sensual nature of the experience and comes into play later in the session with specific tantric techniques. Initially the therapist will lay their hands on various spots on the body to get a feel for the energy of the client and to sense any particular areas of tension and stress. This is also done to develop trust and help the client relax and get comfortable.

Next Swedish massage techniques will be used on the scalp, upper back and shoulders. This involves a light but firm kneading of the muscles as well as using the fingertips to invigorate the scalp. Body to body massage will also be used as the therapist uses their breasts/chest, upper arms and shoulders to glide gently all over the body. This has the dual purpose of both stimulating the skin as well as transferring the therapist's energy and warmth to the client. It is a very sensual and highly personal experience. Arousal is a common response and one should not be embarrassed or fight the feelings. This is a signal that the body's energy is stirring and opening up blocked pathways.

A good portion of the massage is done on the front of the body, with the client/recipient lying on their back. Often a fingertip technique is used where the therapist lightly runs over the entire body. This is another method to facilitate full blood and energy flow. More skilled practitioners will use fingernails to gently scratch the skin, and also lightly squeeze and pinch specific areas where energy is typically blocked.

Lingam and Yoni massage is often part of an erotic massage session. This involves the direct manipulation of the massage recipient's genital area (Lingam is a Sankrit word meaning penis; Yoni means vagina). In Buddhist Tantra this area corresponds to three important Chakras, known as The Jewel Wheel. An experienced professional will slowly build sexual tension during this phase, often taking one to the brink of orgasm before backing off. This continues in several waves until the therapist feels there is an energy and tension concentration. It is important at this point for one to not think of orgasm as a goal. It is better keep one's self in the moment and experience the continuing pleasure of the journey. This helps one with self-control and has long term sexual benefits for both women and men.

This phase of the session is truly magical and one will find their mind flooded with random thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is the spiritual and transcendental aspect of erotic massage and provides the true long-term benefits. Whether or not there is final sexual release, the experience takes one out of "living in the mind" and puts them in touch with the spiritual aspect of the body.

At the conclusion of the session it is important to lie quietly for several minutes to let the body fully digest the experience. This allows one to cement the sensations into one's memory. Erotic massage's ultimate benefit is the long-term physical and mental wellness it can bring.

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