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Extreme Pleasure with Four-Hand Massage

Four-hand massage, also known as the Ocean Waves therapy, is a form of massage therapy performed by two therapists. It is a way of stimulating unique sensations and producing a lot of benefits within a relatively short session. There is no doubt that four-hand massage is very enjoyable; it is one of the most popular treatments in our catalogue.

As the name suggests, four-hand massage involves four hands of the two therapists moving in synchronized motions. The entire experience is designed to be very choreographed so settle for nothing but the best therapists that you are comfortable with the most; our therapists are trained in the art of Tantra and the unique skills of Ocean Waves massage to enable them to bring you the ultimate sensations.

The best thing about four-hand massage is that more muscle stimulus are delivered within the same period of time; compared to the usual core Tantric massage or other massage treatments we have in our catalogue, four-hand massage offers twice the pleasure and of course twice the benefits.

There are a number of different styles and routines associated with four-hand massage treatments, but we have everything you need right here as part of our massage services. You can ask for any kind of Ocean Waves massage you are comfortable with the most, from deep tissue massage to soft and soothing stimulations designed to be completely relaxing. Every style offers a unique set of benefits and overall experience to enjoy.

In a classic session of four-hand massage, a therapist assumes the role of session leader while the other one simply mimics and follows her moves repetitively. The combination produces a stunningly enjoyable sensation, giving you the pleasure of having multiple stimulations streaming across your body. It combines long and slow-moving strokes and soft pressures to stimulate different parts of your body.

Another common type of four-hand massage is where the two therapists are working on different parts of your body, producing a holistic massage experience in return. Since every part of your body is touched and stimulated, the impact is indeed very profound. One therapist can work on the upper part of your body while the other focuses more on the lower part. Don’t forget that you can ask any of the two therapists to focus on certain parts of your body for certain results.

Four-hand massage can also be designed to combine two types of massage treatments. For example, one can perform the sensual Tantric massage while the other focuses on reflexology or Swedish massage. The possibilities are endless and you have complete control over the kind of massage treatments to be integrated to the session. Whether you are aiming at a specific set of benefits or the ultimate pleasure, four-hand massage is the best way to go.

Many of our customers enjoy four-hand massage due to its relaxing nature. Even compared to other massage services we have in store for you, four-hand massage can easily be the most relaxing one when planned and performed correctly. That is why we provide you with only the best possible set of treatments and an experienced group of therapists to choose from.

Four-hand massage brings an endless possibility of benefits as well; the list of benefits is extremely long due to the fact that you can also combine multiple types of massage treatments into one four-hand massage treatments. The extremely relaxing ambience and overall experience offered by four-hand massage sessions, for example, allows your heart rate and blood pressure to be lowered; these benefits are also followed by a number of health benefits such as better oxygen supply to different parts of your body, improvements of important components of your body, and many more.

For the four-hand massage to be effective, good communication between you and the therapists must be established. Luckily, the massage itself – and the stimulations you will receive over the course of the session – allows strong spiritual bonds to be formed quickly and effectively. From the experience you can also learn about different sides of yourself, including your sensual side and your ability to understand others.

With so many benefits and a certainly pleasurable experience to enjoy, there is no reason why you shouldn’t book a session of four-hand massage right away.

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