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The word “Tantra” in Sanskrit means "stretch, extend, expand"; in principles, Tantra is the instrument or medium that allows the human body and soul to grow and expand. The deep meaning is further enhanced by the deep principles behind the art and practice of Tantra.

Developed in India by those who believe in Buddhism and Hinduism, Tantra has become more than just a set of principles over the years. It is now a deeply meaningful way of life that touches almost every part of our everyday lives. It is the foundation of spiritual practice that forges the path to enlightenment for most of us who believe in it.

The interesting thing about Tantra is that it has no certain norms to it. It is mainly due to the fact that Tantra itself is expanding and adjusting to the aspects of modern life. Instead of having an absolute set of values and principles, Tantra relies on the interpretation of those who practice this way of life; most of the time the religion and upbringing of the people who practice Tantra are what define their interpretations.

Tantra is often related to sensuality; there is no doubt that Tantra is very sensual by nature, but you do need to differentiate between sensuality and sexuality. The sensual aspects of Tantra make this particular belief more humane, even to those who insist on viewing Tantra from a rational point of view. Some of the practices of Tantra including Tantric massage also have strong sensual aura to them.

Long training is required for one to master Tantric practices. That is why only the best can truly perform Tantric massage treatments and similar practices. It is necessary for you to pay close attention to the person you are relying on during the practice of Tantra in order to harvest the true benefits of the practice itself. Let’s not forget that being involved in the practice of Tantra also means you can learn more about the deep meanings behind this way of life.

The written Hindu Tantric lore is further divided into four parts; these parts represent the aspects that Tantra touches. The Jnana represents metaphysical knowledge and talks more about the spiritual side of Tantra. Yoga, on the other hand, touches the contemplative procedures of Tantra more; the practice of yoga known to the modern world reflects Tantra’s ability to adapt to changes while still offering the best benefits to its believers.

The ethical part of Tantra is covered by both Kriya and Charya. Kriya focuses more on ritual regulations, discussing in details about how the practices of Tantra should be performed. Many important details about Tantric massage and other similar practices can be found within this lore or agama. Charya, on the other hand, focuses more on the human relation and religious injunctions. It is the part of Tantra that is the most diverged depending on the views of its believers.

So what does Tantra offer as part of its benefits? True physical and spiritual enlightenments are among the many benefits offered by the art of Tantra. Tantric massage is a good example of how Tantra can reenergize your entire body, bring you to a completely different level of relaxation, and enhance the spiritual bonds between parties involved in the practice at the same time. It is not surprising to find the practice of Tantra to have proven benefits to the human body as well.

A carefully designed Tantric massage performed by an expert can help lower your blood pressure and improve the blood flow. As a result, your heart will be much stronger and functions at a much better state. Better blood flow also brings better oxygen supplies to other parts of the body including the brain. You will be able to increase your cognitive ability through the practice of Tantra such as yoga and Tantric massage.

From a sensual point of view, Tantra gives you the keys to controlling your sexual energy and drive. You can master the art of enhancing your sexual life by channeling the sensual energy at the right time through a series of Tantric practices. After a series of regular sessions, the overall quality of your life will be greatly improved and the effects Tantra brings to you will definitely be prominent.

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