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One of the beauties of Tantric massage is that it touches and stimulates every part of your body. It offers a holistic massage experience and the ultimate form of sensations all round. You will be able to experience pleasure unlike anything you have experienced before. The session progresses gradually, building excitement and taking you deeper into the world of Tantra and utter relaxation as it goes a step further.

The Tantric massage session begins with you assuming a comfortable position. Most of the time the therapist will start with the back of your body; if this is the case, you lie down with your back against the bed or massage table and find the most comfortable position you can assume. Massage oil will then be applied onto your body before the therapist starts massaging you thoroughly.

The touches and pressures are delivered softly for maximum pleasure. Unlike deep tissue massage, Tantric massage is very enjoyable even when you are not really a huge fan of massages. In body-to-body massage sessions, the therapist uses more than just her hands; she will also use her bare body as a way to channel stimulations and sensations to you.

The session continues with the front side of your body; you lie down with a pillow under your head and pelvis in order to stay as comfortable as possible. It is essential that you can see the therapist from this position in order to strengthen the spiritual bond between the two of you while enhancing the effects and benefits of Tantric massage further.

Again, the session is continued with a series of touches and pressures to sensitive target points across your body. Aside from the neck and shoulders, there are hundreds of sensitive target points that can be stimulated to achieve different results. Our trained therapists know exactly how to bring you the ultimate pleasure and take you into a deeper state of relaxation. As you relax more, your body and soul will regenerate and reenergize itself at a faster rate.

A good Tantric massage session is usually followed by Lingam or Yoni massage; Lingam massage is a treatment for men, while Yoni is a similarly sensual treatment designed specifically for women. Bear in mind that orgasm is not always the main goal of these treatments, but it is certainly a good way to end a session of Tantric massage perfectly.

Tantric massage session can be fully customized to cater to your needs and preferences. Depending on how comfortable you are with the experience and your sexuality, the massage session can be designed to be extremely sensual and sexually enlightening. On the other hand, the experience can also be toned down to a superbly relaxing massage experience anyone can enjoy. To make it even better, there are sessions and services designed for couples.

The types of Tantric massage rituals are also among the things you can choose to further fine-tune the experience. The body-to-body massage brings you the highest level of pleasure, the four-hand or Ocean Waves massage is very healing and equally sensual, while the basic core Tantric massage is suitable for virtually every type of customer. You will be amazed by just how enjoyable your session can be when it is planned and programmed according to your needs and preferences.

Tantric massage also incorporate surrounding ambience to further enhance the experience. Aromatherapy oils are offering a wide range of benefits both to your skin and internal organs. These oils, especially the aroma they produce, are also formulated to bring you a relaxed atmosphere in general. It is very easy to enhance the Tantric massage experience just by choosing the correct aromatherapy oil you prefer.

The same goes for the therapist and the number of therapists you want to have during the session. When you opt for certain Tantric massage rituals such as Tantric massage for couples or four-hand massage, two of our beautiful therapists will cater to your needs and wants throughout the session. Other treatments are performed by one therapist with tons of experience and proper training in the art of Tantra.

Your Tantric massage session will surely be an enjoyable one regardless of which type of our service you opt for. Book your session today and enjoy the ultimate form of pleasure and relaxation.

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