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The Art of Yoni Massage

Yoni or Yo-Nee in Sanskrit means the female genitalia. It is considered sacred by those who practice the art of Tantra similar to Lingam for male. The practice of Yoni massage is very interesting; it offers the ultimate pleasure for women while at the same time give enough room for emotions to surface as the session progresses. What is Yoni massage exactly? How can we benefit from this particular practice of Tantra?

Yoni massage, as the name suggests, is a treatment that focuses on the vaginal area of a women. The treatment is designed to stimulate the pelvic region and create a series of electric sensations to be enjoyed. Although Yoni massage is very sensual by nature, it is also amazingly relaxing when done properly.

At the beginning of the session, you lie flat on a bed with a pillow under your head and her pelvis. This position allows you to be fully relaxed and ready for the treatment; the elevated head also means you can see the therapist directly as he or she performs the ritual.

Yoni massage is a very emotional experience. The treatment is designed to bring emotions to the surface, so it is not surprising at all to find yourself embracing your subconscious self as the session progresses. Among the many emotions that can be amplified during a Yoni massage are anger, lust, sadness, and joy. Although the therapy is designed to be very revealing, you can also develop a strong ability to trust others – starting with the therapist performing the Yoni massage – through a series of treatments.

The best thing about getting a Yoni massage is that you can enjoy soothing experience and explosive excitements at the same time. The main goal of the massage is not to make your reach orgasm but to gradually take you to your natural state of relaxation. When you are in this state, you have complete control over your sexual experience and the orgasm itself; it is very easy to decide when to reach the orgasm and when you do the overall pleasure will be much more enjoyable.

Our professional therapists are all trained in the art of Tantra and Yoni massage to make sure you get the best experience and pleasure possible. The session is designed to be completely enjoyable; even after a few sessions, you will still find our Yoni massage service to be very exciting and surprising at times.

There are a number of things you need to remember before starting a Yoni massage session. First of all, it is necessary to watch the way you breathe during the session in order to further enhance the effects of a Yoni massage. Carefully take deep breaths and focus on the beat of your heart to reach a further state of relaxation. The overall experience of getting a Yoni massage will be much more enjoyable for you.

Next, be sure to make physical and emotional contact with the therapist before starting the session. This helps prepare yourself emotionally for the experience to come, allowing you to build a strong spiritual bond with the therapist. You can feel yourself slipping away as the session progresses; by trusting the therapist completely, the session will also be much more enjoyable and relaxing. As you learn to trust the therapist completely, you will subconsciously learn to trust others unconditionally as well.

So what are the benefits of a good Yoni massage? For starters, you will have your sexual energy recharged to full with the help of a Yoni massage treatment. The treatment is very sensual by nature and is providing you with the chance to explore other sides of your sexual self to the max. You can discover the things you are comfortable with the most and learn to control your sexual drive gradually.

Yoni massage is also good for your health. The lowered blood pressure and improved blood flow achieved during a session of Yoni massage both bring great effects to your body. The Yoni area is also believed to be the center of nerve endings; when stimulated properly, these nerve endings are known to have the ability to influence other bodily functions. A good Yoni massage treatment is even capable of preventing and curing many severe health issues.

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